Effective Date: 12/10/2014

Welcome to the ACCELIS PHARMA™ website (“Site”), which is operated by Accelis Pharma LLC (“we,” “our,” “us” or the “Company”) under exclusive license, the manufacturer of Obredon™. We respect and value your privacy and want to make your experience on our Site satisfying and safe. This privacy policy (the “Policy”) governs personally identifiable information you may provide to us through the Site, such as your name, street address and email address. It also covers any information we may learn from your use of this Site and tells you how we may collect, use and in some instances share this information. Our Policy may differ from other web sites and is subject to change at any time.

The purpose of our Site is to provide information about our company and marketed products i.e. Obredon™, a new FDA-approved pharmaceutical. Presently, we do not use any cookies or track your visits to this Site or any other web site. Nor do we currently collect any information about you or any computer device you use to access this Site, except to the extent you may contact us for additional information about Obredon™ or our Company and provide us with personal contact information (“Contact Information”). In the future, however, we may add certain interactive features and other technological features to our Site to provide you with a better user experience. When that occurs, this Policy will be modified. It is therefore important that you periodically check this Policy for any changes, which will apply from the time such changes become effective.

Any Contact Information we may receive from you will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of responding to your questions and communicating with you. Contact Information may be shared by us with any of our affiliates, including but not limited to the owner and developer of Obredon™, but shall not be shared by us with anyone else with whom we are not affiliated. No information contained on this Site is intended to constitute medical advice or instructions on the accurate use of Obredon™ or any other products. We cannot answer unsolicited e-mails concerning any personal medical advice or medical conditions, and you must always consult your own healthcare professional. This Site may contain links to other web sites, which have their own privacy policies. We are not responsible for and do not control the contents or performance of such web sites, and we accept no responsibility for the consequences of your use of such other web sites.

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