What are Aphrodisiacs and why are They so Magic?

Aphrodisiacs is a fragrance or substances that help fight stress, calm nerves, help improve metabolism. But their most important function is to increase sexual desire and stimulation sensitivity of male erogenous zones.

Such stimulatory substances are present in variety of essential oils and the most common products, which are often present in home of each individual. Many people simply do not realize just magical properties of simple and well-known products.

Why They are Magic?

The main advantage of aphrodisiacs is that they are all very natural, it does not contain any chemicals and harmful substances that can harm body in any way.

However, even with all the useful and fabulous aphrodisiac properties, it is necessary to limit aphrodisiacs consumption. You can not eat all food at home, which at least in some way increase sexual desire.

The only thing you will achieve in this way is overeating and abdomen heaviness. And with such symptoms you do not want thinking about any kind of intimacy at all.

You should be careful with fragrances as well not to mix all possible flavors. It is best to experiment and choose the one that suits you, and enjoy the most.Aphrodisiacs

Products-Aphrodisiac for both Men and Women: What is the Difference?

In fact, all people use aphrodisiacs in order to achieve the same result – increase in sexual desire. But not all products produce equal effect on male and female libido. If you do not achieve this result it is better to order necessary medications via Accelis Pharma.

That product, which will have huge impact on male sexual desire, will produce no effect on female body. And this effect is simply explained. Male and female sexual pleasure centers are located in completely different fields.

Sexual Attraction between Partners

For men center of pleasure is “reproductive organ”, then for a woman – is brain. Men are much more important to receive physiological pleasure.

Woman gets satisfaction not at level of physiology, and on psychological level. For her, the process itself is important, it is important to relax and completely dissolve in your partner.

Therefore, a woman will have a stimulating effect more subtle, refined flavors, chocolate and, of course, good wine. These products help women to be liberated, to open up to your partner and then go to brain impulses of pleasure to help her relax.

It should be noted that in nature aphrodisiac for men is much greater than for women. However, there are substances which equally affect both male desire, and female.

One of the most famous aphrodisiacs is universal absinthe. This drink is based on wormwood oil, even a small amount of which will have significant impact on human libido.

List Aphrodisiacs for Male Products

For male body a variety of products may increase sexual desire and drive. Many young people every day eat a huge amount of exciting products, however, are not even aware of their magical properties.

mint teaProducts – aphrodisiacs for men:

The most famous product, increasing libido, is honey. Thanks to this product, you can get the most powerful results.

Particular influence on male body will be produced by mint or ginger tea with honey. But it is worth remembering that all aphrodisiacs must be made of natural materials, or positive result will not be achieved.

List for Women

A variety of foods that can increase female sexual desire is not so great. For girls it is very important mental attitude.

So, a short list of the most known products that contain aphrodisiacs for women:

Reasons for Decreasing in Male Libido

As a rule, girls always say that men have very rarely problems with sexual desire. Many women think that men always and everywhere think only about sex.

However, statistics show that one in five men are not sexually attracted to women. Most often decreased libido in men is met in men older than 35 years.

Although age is not always an indicator of low sexual desire, sometimes even older men remain interested in sex. Decreased libido is preceded by a number of reasons:

Testosterone levels in men decrease with age. Male sexual desire may be influenced by other hormones such as thyroid hormones (thyroid), as well as hormones produced by gland at brain base;

Low levels of dopamine – a hormone that is produced in brain to improve its level of need to make special preparations.

Any reason for loss of male sexual desire must be eliminated. If there are psychological reasons, it is necessary to pass psychological course, avoid stress and relax more.

If problem lies in testosterone level decrease, it has long been known medications to increase this hormone.

The only problem is to reduce dopamine levels. Preparations for its increase, of course, exist, but they are not approved and not have passed all clinical trials.

The Strongest Male Stimulants

Question of increasing sexual activity and sexual desire most often are related to men. That is representatives of the stronger sex more often have problems with intimate life.

About 30% of women face problem of low sexual desire at their partners. In this case, aphrodisiacs may help get rid of this problem. These substances are generally of natural origin, however their use does not cause any harm to body.

Among products the most powerful aphrodisiac is seafood. According to legend, famous, passionate and tireless lover Casanova ate for breakfast oysters.

Second place among the strongest aphrodisiac products rightfully belongs to nuts. Any nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazel) are the best friends of a man who wants to increase their sexual desire.

And in the third place, of course, honey. This product fills body with energy, which is so necessary during intimacy.

Among flavors strong aphrodisiac for men is almond oil, citrus flavors, and even lavender. But we should not mix together all the smells. Try each of them and choose the one that suits you the most.

Perhaps we should not forget about famous eastern proverb, which says that the best aphrodisiac for man is his favorite woman. Therefore, women love their men, and often give them care, tenderness and warmth!


Aphrodisiacs are absolutely not dangerous for use. Usually, these exciting substances are contained in very useful products.

The main thing in their use, remember:

By following these simple rules, your sexual life will last for many years, and your partner will always be satisfied.

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