Valtrex Used to Treat Genital Herpes

Valtrex is used for the treatment of infections that are caused by some specific viruses. In children it is used for treating cold sores near the area of the mouth which is caused due to herpes simplex. It is also used for the treatment of chicken pox that is caused by varicella zoster.

Valtrex is popularly used for the treatment of genital herpes. People who are known to have quite frequent outbreaks use this medication for reducing the number of future episodes. This is basically an antiviral drug that is used for stopping the aggravation of certain kind of viruses. However, you should know that the medication does not cure the infection totally. The viruses that are responsible for these infections continue living in the body even in between the outbreaks. The antiviral drug just reduces the length and the severity of the outbreak. It helps the sores in healing up faster and prevents the formation of new sores. It also decreases pain and itching.

Side Effects

ValtrexIf you have allergic reactions like swelling of the face, lips, and tongues, hives, and difficulty in breathing, after taking the antiviral drug, you should get immediate medical help. It can have serious side effects like:

There are some common and less serious side effects of the drug which generally goes away after you get used to the drug. These side effects include:

How to Use Valtrex?

InfectionsRead the instruction on the leaflet of the antiviral drug or the one that has been provided by your doctor. The drug is taken through the mouth either with or without food. Taking you need to have ample fluid while taking this medication for lowering the chance of the side effects. The dosage as well as the length of the medication, depends on the type of infection that you are suffering from. For the treatment of chicken pox in children, the dosage of the medicine is based on the weight of the individual.

The medicine is known to work the best when you take it as soon as you have the outbreak. It might not work well on the infection if you delay the treatment. The amount of the dosage has to be kept constant for it to work the best. Thus, it is better to take the drugs at intervals that are evenly spaced.

Continue taking the medication until you are done with the fully prescribed amount. Changing the doses or skipping the medication might have an adverse effect on the body.

Precautions that You Need to Maintain

Prior to taking the medication, you need to tell the doctor if you are allergic or have any kind of allergy in general. If you have a history of kidney problems, then let the doctor know. Do not take vaccination or immunization without consulting the doctor.

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