Deal with Seasonal Depression with Accelis Pharma

When autumn comes, many people become slushy, melancholy and sad in their soul for no apparent reason. These are the signs of depression, which, according to Accelis Pharma, affects every fifth man.

It is believed that the seasonal mood affects people with “thin” mental organization, people who are weakened by stress, unhappy life, have problems with physical and mental health. That is, unfortunately, the majority of the world’s population. This annual autumn dissatisfaction with the surrounding reality can be different – from easy, not always fixed to feelings of anxiety and hopelessness to a complete inability to do anything. In severe cases, one way out is to visit a specialist and try not to confuse the words “therapist” or “psychiatrist”. But if you have common depression symptoms (fatigue, general weakness, irritability, etc.), you may control this condition independently.

Why is autumn a vulnerable time of year?

People often get ill in the fall, and that is not only colds. Many people suffer from their chronic diseases aggravation, have a back pain, aches in the joints, frequent heartaches, reminiscent of gastrointestinal problems. This is explained by the fact that the sharp decrease in the daylight, especially in the northern regions, also decreases the dose of the solar energy entering the body. Here are simple tips that will help you in your depression treatment.

How to lengthen your daylight hours?

darkBy all means, try to compensate the lack of sunlight. The sharp decline in the daily light is one of the most serious causes of internal discomfort, affecting both the psyche and metabolism. The only way to prolong the daylight hours is a better use of morning hours light. Late risers, of course, have difficulties with changing their regime, but there are no other sources of daylight.

Stay active!

It will be perfect to go for sport, and preferably in the fresh air.

Do not hesitate to play football with the kids, go for a walk with your boyfriend or girlfriend. And if you treat the autumn as a time for self-improvement and prefer some fitness centers, the body will repay you with a good health. This may be fitness, shaping, aerobics, anything that brings you satisfaction. These exercises secret to success is simple: during physical activity in our blood endorphins are selected, or as they are called, “pleasure hormones”.

Depression and Vitamins

vitamin сIn case your working efficiency provokes undesirable decrease in the rhythm of your life, try to cheer up a variety of natural antidepressants – alternatives to Zoloft and Prozac: such as

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Do not comfort themselves with the hope that in the summer you can provide the body with vitamins for the whole year. Remember, vitamins entering the body, do not lay in store, and are immediately absorbed, so the body needs constant replenishment of vitamins.

In order to cover the daily requirement for vitamins, we must eat 400 grams of fruit and vegetables per day. If you have no such opportunity, multivitamins that are sold in pharmacies will help you. First of all, pay attention to a sufficient content of vitamins A and C. In the fall they are most needed ones. Buy vitamins online at Accelis Pharma: Neurobion Forte, Folic Acid (Vitamin B9), Astymin-M Forte and many others.

Surround yourself with beautiful things

After a summer feast of diversity and colors of a golden autumn, we do not have so many wonderful things! “Aesthetic hunger” is not an empty phrase. In general, bright colors may cheer you up considerably. Psychologists proved that bright red light raises your spirits in a dull weather. Try wearing vivid accouterments in your wardrobe, allow yourself some amusing trifles – a funny hat, mittens, scarf. Buy suburban jacket of some extremely-vivid color, especially is you have to wear dark conservative clothes during your work. Go to the theater and cinema as often as possible!

Is it time to lose weight?

In the autumn the body suffers a strong restructuring. For example, in the summer we quietly satisfy hunger with some light meal, but now we want to eat something more heavy and fatty because the body needs heat, which means that it needs extra calories. You don’t have to resist this desire – if you commit violence against yourself and your wishes and continue following a low-calorie diet, nothing good will come out of it: sooner or later you will get a sense of internal discomfort As a result, autumn depression may develop. You’d better relax and forget about all sorts of diets, eat what you want, but, of course, in reasonable quantities.

It was a traditional point of view, but paradoxically, there are many people who had a successful weight loss exactly in the dank, slushy November. That is the fact! People who came to their senses in the fall make a huge amount. Moreover, there is a considerable percentage of those who are successful among them. Maybe you will be one of them?

Tea and coffee is a source of vitality

Often many people drink strong tea or coffee to fight the autumn depression. Indeed, these drinks invigorate. The main thing is that you should not drink too much. People with a sick stomach, liver, kidneys, as well as with allergies will have to quit strong tea and coffee. Tea and coffee may be replaced with douche, gymnastics, brisk walking outdoors.

In general, autumn is a beautiful time of the year, even with all its shortcomings. You just have to be able to enjoy this time. Only in the autumn you can admire the riot of colors of leaves, listen to the silence of the forest, look at the falling leaves, breathe the fresh air of autumn. Do not miss this chance!

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